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Power Solutions

Partnering with one of the best and most innovative power solutions companies in Europe (Ascot International, Italy), Makasa Sun has been providing eco-friendly power solutions to thousands of telecommunication sites across West Africa. Our dependable power solutions ecosystem combines triple advantages of suitability for tropical environment, simple deployment process and easy to maintain hybrid power components with remote monitoring system which stores and transmits power through a DC generating set, deep cycle batteries and solar panel arrays.

At Makasa Sun, we deploy innovative solutions to meet your power needs through our state-of-the-art integrated hybrid systems that enable effective management of all components and connections with other energy sources such as solar panels and even public power grid. Our clients are usually enamored by the integrating remote monitoring units on all our systems which provide a real time reporting (text, pictures and alarms). The implication of this cutting edge technology is that diesel monitoring, theft, parts replacement, engine service dates and a whole lot more can be monitored on real time basis from anywhere in the world via a platform. The features of this solution will not only enhance your energy consumption efficiency, deter mismanagement and theft but also significantly reduce your opex and improve your bottom lines.

Our DC energy generating sets come in various categories and sizes ranging from HPU 3 (12KW), HPU 4 (18KW), HPU 5 (24KW), etc. depending on the nature of our your power needs.

Our solar panels come in 3 layouts/designs. These layouts as well as components of the panels are grouped into:
• 3KW solar panels, consisting a total of 12panels, with each panel able to generate 0.25watts of converted solar power.
• 6kw solar panels, consisting of 24 panels.
• 9kw solar panels consisting of 36 panels.

All these are built to generate DC power and are fully tropicalized with minimum space requirement.Given our vast knowledge and experience in delivering customized power solutions to meet clients’ critical power needs, overcoming your power problems is just a phone call away: just talk to our experts on 01-2916109
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